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  Delta Debuts Smart Building Solutions at Japan Build 2018
  Applications at its LEED-Gold Certified Green Building in Delta Ako Energy Park Achieve Energy Savings of up to 33.8%  
Tokyo, Japan, December 12th, 2018 - Delta announced today it will showcase its building management and control platform-based smart building solutions with IP-IoT structure from its subsidiary LOYTEC at Japan Build 2018–3rd Smart Building EXPO. Delta has designed its smart building solutions to improve building operation efficiency and create quality-building space by integrating smart lighting, smart surveillance, energy management, indoor environmental quality services, and EV charger systems, among others. Delta will also demo the results of applying smart building solutions at its multi-function building in Delta Ako Energy Park, Japan. With an average energy savings of up to 33.8% and LEED CI Gold Certification with full marks on energy items, the green building substantiates the capabilities of Delta's smart building solutions.

Delta Ako Energy Park is the first large-scale solar power plant operated by Delta. With an installed capacity of 4.6MW and annual power generation of 5.5 million kWh, the park’s multi-function building is Delta's first LEED certified green building in Japan. It employs some of Delta’s latest energy saving products and solutions, including a building management and control system (BMCS), LED smart lighting (DALI control dimming system), electric vehicle charging, indoor air quality solutions, smart meter solutions, energy storage systems, and solar power systems, to improve energy management and reduce environmental impact and operating costs. By supporting a variety of communication protocols, including Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP/IP, BACnet TCP/IP, DALI, EnOcean, CEA-709 (LonMark system), and OPC, the Delta BMCS integrates multiple subsystems in individual buildings into a single management platform for more efficient monitoring.

The building management platform by LOYTEC integrates various sub-systems including lighting, air conditioning, and security for application in different environments with digital control and big data analysis. For example, the DALI protocol compliant HBD series LED high-bay lights align with wireless light control for warehouses; the interlocked LOYTEC Automation Servers, Room Automation Controllers, and VIVOTEK 3D People Counting cameras are for environmental control and data analysis of customer purchases at retail stores; and there is also the IoT and cloud service based indoor environment solution UNO.

Japan Build 2018 – Delta Showcase Highlights

- Building Air Conditioning and Infrastructure Monitoring: A high efficiency and energy saving building monitoring system supports multiple communication protocols including BACnet/IP, BACnet MS/TP, LON/IP, LON FT-10, KNX, DALI, M-bus, Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU, OPC, Wi-Fi, EnOcean, and it aligns with a PnP L-IOB I/O expansion module with a programmable L-INX automation server.

- Room Automation: Featuring an IP-based room automation system, the L-ROC room controller can change room configuration without re-wiring in a very short amount of time. It provides lighting control (with a constant light controller), sunshade control, temperature control (air-conditioning, heating, ventilation), personnel detection, window monitoring, and access control with a web-based LWEB-803/802 room operation interface for easy and instant monitoring.

- Lighting Control: The DALI lighting control solution combines constant light control, sunshade control, and gateway functions to reduce maintenance costs and energy consumption. With LonMark and BACnet network support, the DALI controller integrates lighting systems in individual buildings for smart light control with GUI-based scene editing and illumination adjustment.

- Energy Management: Delta Energy Online comes with effective consolidation and analysis for different buildings and locations, instant control, energy performance indicators, measurement and verification, and other advanced functions to help enterprises identify major energy consumption, set up energy saving solutions, and access energy-saving benefits.

- UNO Indoor Environment Quality Service Solution: Integrating IoT and cloud technologies with modulating air conditioning equipment, UNO enables healthy, comfortable, eco-friendly, and cost-efficient real-time dynamic building operations.

- IoT Networked Lighting: LED high-bay lights suited for harsh environments align with sensors or EnOcean wireless controls to enable smart lighting control in the warehousing and logistics industry. The LOYTEC smart lighting control system aligns with commercial lamps capable of regulating light color and illumination for different lighting application environments. Addressing large size outdoor signage and indoor commercial lighting, LOYTEC offers Astra (short distance ultra-wide wall washers—the Delta Astra series floodlights) with asymmetric optics technology that makes possible evenly illuminating an area that is three times wider than common floodlights are capable of from the same projection distance.

- Smart Security Protection: VIVOTEK, another subsidiary of Delta, is showing its 360-degree fisheye cameras and 3D people counting cameras. Featuring the latest H.265 compression and image recognition technology, both enable a shopping environment without any security blind spots. In addition, the security protection and monitoring system feeds and integrates data for personnel access, counting, and monitoring incidents in Delta's building management and control system, for intelligent building control equipment and improved building operation efficiency.

Delta will host the Open BA System for IoT Integration seminar in Seminar Venue A of E6 Hall, Tokyo International Exhibition Center on December 13th, 2018 from 15:00 to 16:00. Mr. Hans-Jörg Schweinzer, CEO of LOYTEC, shall give a presentation on "A New Era of Building Automation Solutions, and Innovative Applications for IoT Trends”.

Please visit us our booth at 7-40, E6 Hall, Tokyo International Exhibition Center from December 12th to 14th 2018 to experience the latest smart building solutions and products.
Hans-Jörg Schweinzer (2nd from right), CEO of LOYTEC, and Delta executives introduce Delta's smart building solutions at Japan Build 2018–3rd Smart Building EXPO.
With an average energy savings of up to 33.8% and LEED CI Gold Certification with full marks on energy items, the green building in Delta Ako Energy Park substantiates the capabilities of Delta's smart building solutions.
The green building employs some of the latest energy saving products and solutions, including building management and control system (BMCS), LED smart lighting (DALI control dimming system), and indoor air quality solutions.
News Source: 台達電子
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