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  Delta Presents All-in-One Production for Smart Manufacturing at the 26th Taipei Int’l Machine Tool Show
Taipei, Taiwan, March 6, 2017 – Delta, a global leader in power and thermal management solutions, is presenting smart manufacturing with machine automation, digitalization, IIoT, and overall equipment efficiency management at the 26th Taipei Int’l Machine Tool Show (TIMTOS), running from March 7–12. Delta invites all attendees to visit B0525, Hall 1, Taipei World Trade Center (TWTC) and experience the future of manufacturing with our integrated IIoT, Automation and CNC solution that combines a machining center matched with a fully automated pick-and-place robot, IIoT technology, an equipment monitoring system, and a manufacturing execution system (MES) that executes customized gift ordering and engraving. Visitors can see first-hand how Delta’s new Open CNC Solution is applied to a cylindrical grinding machine and achieves flexibility, high precision, and high speed, along with other advanced automation solutions and smart, green factory solutions.

Delta’s display at TIMTOS highlights:

- The Integrated IIoT, Automation and CNC solution adopts a machining center of Delta’s partner Fair Friend ENT. CO., Ltd. Delta’s CNC solution and newly launched articulated robot together with Fair Friend’s machining center builds a fully automated, high efficient engraving and pick-and-place workstation. This workstation is connected to the manufacturing execution system (MES) of Delta’s new subsidiary Unicom, and a cloud platform, which can take visitors’ orders and execute the engraving process to make customized gifts on site. The MES also allows direct monitoring of customer orders and processes execution progress in real-time, as well as flexible manufacturing schedule adjustments anytime. With all the processing progress and machine operation data collected and uploaded to the cloud, visitors can experience a comprehensive overview and witness a typical IIoT application. Once the gifts are completed and ready for pick up, the MES will send out messages to customers. This solution successfully connects customers, equipment, manufacturing, and production management through the integration of IIoT technology, advanced automation solutions and a CNC system. It promises to be a perfect demonstration of smart manufacturing for all visitors.

- The new Open CNC Solution advances the functionality and performance of cylindrical grinding machines with an open structure for hardware and software and user-friendly editing functions. Using Delta’s new Open CNC Controller NC30E Series as the core controller, this solution features programming PC tools and an editing platform for customers to self-define their functions on CNC machines with Delta’s PC-based Panel Motion Controller MP1 Series or any industrial controllers of other brands for optimized flexibility and customization. Digital communication and noise suppression add value by enhancing machine efficiency and processing precision when integrated with Delta’s servo motion system.

Also on display will be the IIoT and smart machine solution through the collaboration of Delta and Fair Friend. With the implementation of Delta’s new Equipment Data Acquisition Platform DIALink and the cloud, the operation information of Delta and Fair Friend’s machine tools are displayed separately at the TWTC and the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall and can be collected, analyzed and displayed in real-time. Visitors will see the thorough, real-time monitoring of operation information such as working coordinates, current and voltage, and processing data such as total processing amount, processing speed, machine cutting hours, and operating hours, of the dynamic machine tools at both Delta and Fair Friend’s booths.

Join Delta to experience “smart machines” and “smart manufacturing” at B0525, Hall 1, Taipei World Trade Center (TWTC) at the 26th TIMTOS exhibition from March 7–12.
Delta presents all-in-one production for smart manufacturing at the 26th Taipei Int’l Machine Tool Show.
Yancey Hai, chairman, Delta Electronics, Inc., introduces the engraving process to make customized gifts on site.
Delta’s CNC solution and articulated robot together with Fair Friend’s machining center build a fully automated workstation to engrave customized gifts on site.
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