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  Delta Intelligent Building Solutions Debut at Japan Build 2016 - 1st Smart Building EXPO to Promote Intelligent Building Management and Energy Efficiency
From December 14th to 16th, Delta Electronics will present its intelligent building solutions at Japan Build 2016, and visitors are welcome to come by Delta’s booth located in the 1st Smart Building EXPO area.

An international exhibition gala for building automation, Japan Build 2016 has designated major building themes for efficient integration with better safety and convenience. Delta, a competitive player in the industry, offers an assortment of leading design architectures for building automation, room automation and building infrastructure to meet their clients' demands. Delta provides tailor-made software and hardware with detailed planning and design to help global clients manage their intelligent buildings with greater energy efficiency. By joining the Expo, Delta once again shows its full commitment to developing a full range of energy-saving products and solutions for better environmental sustainability through intelligent building energy management.

At the Expo, Delta will present its fully integrated, high-performance, high-reliability products and solutions achieved through the company’s many years of development experience. Delta will also highlight the Building Management and Control System developed by its subsidiary company, LOYTEC.

Visualization: L-VIS Touch Panel is a perfect device for any application that involves visualization and manual operation within Delta’s building automation system. L-VIS Touch Panel provides a graphic presentation for the system, and is ideal for use in rooms, conference rooms, and reception areas. Its new-gen optical glass front and high-quality touch screen is the favorite among customers.

Automation Server: The Automation Server is indispensable for any effective building control system that integrates diverse devices for management and operation efficiency. The programmable L-INX Automation Server, with multi-protocol support, can easily integrate various building facilities, and extend connections for building expansion by adding more plug-n-play L-IOB I/O modules. The result is impressive cost-savings for a very flexible building control system.

Lighting Control: L-DALI Controllers featuring DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) lighting control as well as other multi-functional devices with built-in DALI, LonMark or BACnet network gateways are all here on display. In addition to DALI drivers, there are also DALI pushbutton couplers, multi-sensors and relay modules available for your inspection.

Room Control: L-ROC system, which is capable of integrating with the web-based LWEB-803/802 graphical user interface as a dashboard for room control, can automatically create graphic controls reusable for device operation on L-VIS Touch Panels. L-ROC Room Controllers can easily facilitate your space management, making it easier to alter your configuration for room operation. It saves considerable re-wiring hassles while offering full range of beneficial functions, such as constant lighting controller, sunblind control, temperature control (heating, cooling and ventilation), occupancy detection, window monitoring, access control, and more.

Visitors are welcome to visit Delta’s booth at Japan Build 2016 from Dec 14th to Dec 16th to experience the latest intelligent building solutions and products. The booth location is No. 13-63 at TOKYO BIG SIGHT.

To date, Delta has successfully introduced many actual cases of its Building Management and Control System into diverse real-world building application scenarios. The applicable building types include commercial buildings, hotels, subways, data centers, airports, railway stations, hospitals, exhibition halls, and others. These success stories prove Delta's intelligent building solution to be well-positioned in the market to provide flexibility and resiliency. Whether in cross-building, cross-regional or cross-system applications, Delta’s intelligent building solutions and products help building managers achieve optimal efficiency in their daily operations and maintenance.

Delta’s Building Management and Control System helps meet the needs for new-generation building management

Delta’s LOYTEC Building Management and Control System has successfully integrated diverse international standard protocols for data communication, and has fully converged all subsystems such as air-conditioning, lighting, energy, water supply and drainage, elevators, electricity, safety automation and access control, onto a single IP platform. Using our built-in Web servers on controllers, graphic visualization on LCD devices with easy jog dials, VNC client support, remote auto-backup & restore for software configuration as well as visualized BMS software, our clients know they are guaranteed a significant efficiency boost for their building operations and maintenance. Our full-fledged room automation system meets the demands of a new generation of building management practices.
Delta presents its intelligent building solutions at Japan Build 2016 in the 1st Smart Building EXPO area..
Delta presents its fully integrated, high-performance, high-reliability products and solutions and also highlights the Building Management and Control System developed LOYTEC.
Delta showcases LOYTEC’s L-DALI Controllers for lighting control.
Delta showcases LOYTEC’s L-ROC Room Controllers.
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