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  Delta Unveils its Unmatched Modular UPS with 55kVA per Module and 120kW RowCool for High-density IT applications at Data Center World Singapore 2016
Singapore, October 12, 2016 – Delta, a global leader in thermal and power management solutions, announced today it is attending Data Center World 2016 in Singapore under the theme “High Power, High Performance, High Efficiency” to demonstrate its 500kVA modular UPS Modulon DPH series which features the world’s highest 55kVA power within the world’s most compact 3U size module, and its precision cooling solution, RowCool, with uniquely high 120kW cooling capacity, both designed for large, high-density and green data centers. This is also a joint exhibition of Delta and Eltek, a Delta Group company, as both entities highlight their competence as world-class solution providers for energy-efficient data centers.

“The world is expected to be more and more IT-intensive as cloud, 4G/5G mobile and digital TV cause exponential growth in data traffic. Therefore, high performance data center solutions with high power density and energy efficiency will be essential to IT managers.”, said Dr. Charles Tsai, general manager of MCIS Business Unit, Delta Electronics, Inc.

Delta underscores its competence in energy-saving solutions for large data center applications at the show by displaying its InfraSuite Datacenter Infrastructure Solutions, a comprehensive, modular and highly integrated architecture capable of providing customers with value-added qualities such as:

“Since Delta InfraSuite was introduced in several pilot markets in 2011, we’ve seen the modular design concept well recognized by global customers and power management experts,” said Dr. Charles Tsai. Delta has recently implemented its InfraSuite Datacenter Solutions at an ICT service provider’s containerized data center in North-East of China, a German luxury automaker and hosting company in Berlin, a university datacenter in South Africa, airports in Poland and Australia, a high power density datacenter at a world-leading IC design company in Taiwan, the modular data centers for China government’s smart city applications, and more.

High Power Rating and Best-in-class Efficiency

To optimize the space utilization in large data centers, Delta offers the Modulon DPH series modular UPS 500 kVA and RowCool 120kW for high-power-density applications. The DPH 500kVA boasts industry-leading high power modules of 55kVA in 3U size each, achieving the highest floor utilization at 0.38kVA / cm2. The 120kW RowCool units provide superior thermal management with air flow of 20,300 CMH for 52U-high server racks and were recently installed at the world’s top semiconductor company in its 25kW-power-per rack, not only fulfill its severe cooling needs but also to reduce reliance on electricity-intensive air conditioning.

As a green data center advocate, Delta is committed to delivering industry-leading energy efficiency to help customers realize significant energy savings. Thus, the DPH 500kVA offers high AC-AC efficiency of up to 96.5%, and the 120kW RowCool is equipped with continuous variable fan speed control and flow control to optimize electricity consumption.

High Integration, Flexibility and Scalability

The all-new Single Rack Data Center (SRDC) is an all-in-one micro data center solution for small IT applications. It includes backup power, runtime batteries, power distribution, cooling system and up to 29U space for IT devices. The SRDC leverages Delta’s 4.7kW air-cooled technology and its RT series 5kVA UPS with 92% AC-AC efficiency.
Another unique power solution for small data centers, the Modulon DPH 75kVA modular UPS, is equipped with power modules, inbuilt batteries and rack-mounted power distribution cabinet and demonstrates ultra-compact design and a small footprint.

The live demo of Delta InfraSuite modular data center with cold/hot aisle containment is another example of high system integration and flexibility. In this ever-changing IT world, Delta’s InfraSuite, features as a ‘pay-as-you-go’ system, can right size the infrastructure at the right time with lower upfront investment.

Uncompromised Reliability

The Modulon DPH series UPS, ranging from 75, 150, 200 to 500kVA, is designed with full modularization and fault tolerance. The newly-launched DPH 500kVA is even providing advanced key component failure prediction and battery health diagnosis to proactively reduce the risk of downtime. The highly integrated and standardized architecture of the InfraSuite platform bring high system reliability to datacenter customers as well.

Superior Manageability

Delta’s datacenter infrastructure management InfraSuite Manager (EMS3000) integrates all facilities and IT equipment into one single platform for comprehensive and remote management as core value for IT managers to ensure complete control of the entire datacenter at their fingertips.

Welcome to visit and see our comprehensive datacenter solutions at Delta’s stand located at G11 during Data Center World in Singapore from October 12th to 13th.
News Source: Delta Group
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