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  Delta Launches New Energy-Efficient Solutions for 5G and IoT Edge Computing, e-Mobility and Smart Manufacturing at its Digital Exhibition
  An interactive experience of Delta’s portfolio under the theme “Pioneering Energy-Efficient Infrastructure Technologies”  
Delta, a global leader in power and thermal management solutions, today launched an innovative digital exhibition under the theme ‘Pioneering Energy-efficient Infrastructure Technologies’ to unveil new smart and energy-efficient solutions for 5G and IoT edge computing, e-mobility, as well as smart manufacturing. These include, the SmartNode modularised data centre solution for fast and flexible implementation of energy-efficient edge computing data centres; the UFC200 Ultra Fast EV charger, a 200kW system especially for charging point operators and fleet managers; and Delta’s DIAStudio Smart Machine Suite, a digital platform that enables efficient machine development and configuration.

Commenting on Delta EMEA’s innovative digital exhibition, Mr. Dalip Sharma, president and general manager of Delta for Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA), explained: “During the current pandemic environment, we stay ahead of the curve by providing an innovative and sustainable platform to present our pioneering energy-efficient infrastructure technologies. In fact, our new modularised data centre solution, ultra-fast EV charger and digital system for smart manufacturing echo Delta’s mission “To provide innovative, clean and energy-efficient solutions for a better tomorrow,” by being able to meet the demands of our customers in an ever-changing world.”

Attendees to the digital exhibition will be able to learn more about Delta’s latest solutions including:

The SmartNode All-in-One Modularised Data Centre for 5G and IoT edge computing
With the growth of data and the need for low latency, demand is increasing for quick and easy to install pre-fabricated, all-in-one edge data centres. Delta’s SmartNode Tier II and Tier III data centres enable rapid scaling of edge computing capacity, providing the perfect infrastructure for IoT and other applications that demand low latency, such as autonomous driving, remote healthcare and OTT media services.

The 200KW Ultra Fast Electric Vehicle Charger
Next generation EVs, e-trucks and e-buses will demand access to faster and more powerful charging systems. The 200kW capacity of Delta’s UFC200, provides an ideal solution for charging point operators (CPOs) and fleet managers. The output can be split to deliver 100kW DC charging to two vehicles simultaneously. It is equipped with an all-weather, seven-inch LCD information display screen and touch pad. It also supports RFID and payment cards functions.

The DIAStudio Smart Machine Suite (SMS)
The DIAStudio SMS enables users to efficiently develop a machinery system, from product selection, programming, to exporting on a unified platform. It is composed of three major software: DIASelector is an application allowing users to select specific components of the machine system; DIADesigner picks up to complete programing, configuration and commission on an integrated engineering platform; DIAScreen then lets users share tags between programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and human machine interfaces (HMIs) or text panels to complete the operation interface.

Throughout the experience, Delta would also like to invite the visitors to work together with Delta to build a greener world. Visitors are invited to seek out four small trees carefully hidden across the exhibition. Once all four have been collected, visitors are able to ‘convert’ them into one actual tree, planted by Delta in collaboration with One Tree Planted. Delta offers the visitors a chance to explore Delta’s clean and energy-efficient solutions in an innovative approach and cooperate with Delta to make the environment better for tomorrow.

To see the full range of Delta’s pioneering solutions including industrial automation, building automation, telecom power solutions, edge datacentre solutions, PV inverters, EV charging infrastructure, LED lighting, thermal solutions and display solutions, please visit the virtual exhibition at starting from July 15.
Mr. Dalip Sharma, president and general manager of Delta for Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA), highlighted the key products in Delta's digital exhibition
News Source: Delta Electronics
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