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  Delta Wins Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility Award for Third Time in a Row
  Judges Cite Focus and Determination in CSR and Continued Dedication to Sustainability for Taiwanese Enterprises  
Delta Electronics was ranked No. 1 for the third consecutive year after winning the grand prize in the Large Enterprises Division at Corporate Social Responsibility Awards hosted by CommonWealth Magazine on August 29th, 2018. The jury emphasized that Delta, with its continued focus and dedication to CSR, adheres to the highest standards as it fulfills its corporate mission, "To provide innovative, clean and energy-efficient solutions for a better tomorrow." With determination and strength, the company continuously challenges itself as it pursues "sustainability" in the international arena. Through the years Delta has devoted a significant amount of attention and resources to the issue of climate change as it promotes and advocates energy conservation and environmental education.

The awards ceremony was attended by Mr. Bruce Cheng, Founder and Honorary Chairman of Delta Electronics, as well as Ms. Shan-Shan Guo, chief brand officer of Delta Electronics and executive director of the Delta Electronics Foundation, who received the award on behalf of Delta.

Mr. Bruce Cheng remarked that climate change has become a major world issue in recent years. Not only are the losses caused by climate change rapidly increasing every year, many cities are gradually becoming uninhabitable due to severe air pollution and a lack of water resources. The Paris Agreement, the written consensus of the international community, now faces an uncertain future due to the withdrawal of the major CO2e emissions country. Corporate participation is an indispensable force for mitigating climate change. Over the years, Delta has continued to design innovative products and actively develop energy conservation technologies that curb carbon emissions. Delta has provided solutions to reduce the total greenhouse gas emissions around the world and has dedicated its full efforts on keeping the global temperature rise within 2°C.

Ms. Shan-Shan Guo, chief brand officer of Delta Electronics and executive director of Delta Electronics Foundation, stated “As a global corporate citizen, Delta actively reduces carbon emissions and implements energy-saving measures to reduce electricity consumption at all of our plants, buildings, and data centers. In 2017, Delta also established Science Based Targets (SBT) to curb carbon emissions through science-based methods. Delta has committed to the goal of decreasing its carbon intensity by 56.6% by 2025. In addition, Delta has become the first corporation in Taiwan, as well as one of the first 100 corporations in the world, to pass the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi) audit. These measures and achievements demonstrate our determination to reduce carbon emissions. Delta is working vigorously towards the goal of controlling the rise of the global average temperature to within 2°C.”

Delta is actively involved in the promotion of environmental education and green building. The Delta Electronics Foundation has held campus campaigns, published books about green building, filmed micro movies, and held seminars and workshops to share the benefits of green buildings with actual examples. Delta applies the concept of Social Return on Investment (SROI) to analyze the benefits of investments in social participation, as well as identify the changes brought about by these campaigns on the general public. The value of Delta’s SROI is 8.55:1, shows that the results of Delta’s investment and promotion in public welfare have been substantial.

As a major part of its CSR efforts, Delta puts significant emphasis on taking care of employees. The company provides an extra four days of "Golden Travel Holidays" to all employees in appreciation of their hard work. Delta encourages employees to enjoy the holidays to relax or spend quality time with their family away from their busy schedules. Delta also offers comprehensive health care to employees, and announced that 2017 would be "Year One of Being Healthy," which was the theme of its employee welfare plan. A LOHAS Day event for Delta employees promoted the four major elements of “healthy eating, healthy moving, healthy living, and healthy playing.” The goals of the event were to promote a mental health system for employees, improve levels of happiness, and help everyone at Delta enjoy a healthy career development. Delta is active in providing mental health services to counsel and assist employees. In 2017 Delta received the “Taiwan iSports Company Certification” from the Sports Administration of Taiwan’s Ministry of Education, for organizing multiple activities to promote interaction among employees. Delta strongly encourages employees to cultivate the habit of regular exercise, which is key to improving levels of happiness and life satisfaction.
Delta Chief brand officer Ms. Shan-shan Guo (left) received the Corporate Social Responsibility Award from chief judge of the Award Mr. Lin Hsin-i.
The awards ceremony was attended by Mr. Bruce C. H. Cheng, Delta Founder and Honorary Chairman (middle), as well as Ms. Shan-Shan Guo, chief brand officer of Delta Electronics and executive director of the Delta Electronics Foundation.
News Source: Delta Electronics, Inc.
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