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  Delta Electronics Wins Three Major Awards at the 2017 Global Views Monthly’s CSR Awards
14 awards won since 2005 – the most by one company since the founding of the awards
Taipei, Taiwan, May 3, 2017 -- Delta Electronics won three major awards today at Global Views Monthly's 13th annual “Global Views Corporate Social Responsibility Awards” event. The awards include first prize for the “CSR Comprehensive Survey of the Electronics Industry”, and model awards for “Delta Green Building Exhibition” and “DeltaMOOCx”. This year, Delta received the most awards among all awarded companies. Delta Electronics is currently the top winning company for Global Views awards, winning 14 first-prize and 3 model awards since 2005. The award ceremony was attended by Delta’s Founder and Honorary Chairman Bruce Cheng, Delta Electronics Foundation’s Executive Director Shan-Shan Guo, and the group’s Spokesperson Jesse Chou.

The judges said that Delta Electronics’ various long-term and continuing corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts are achieving impressive results. Not only has Delta set benchmarks in the electronics industry, the company is also learning from other industries. Delta’s winning program “Green Buildings with Energy-saving Solutions” utilizes multiple people-focused approaches that advocate the importance of green buildings. At the same time, Delta's professional demands for future planning and promotion have won Delta the environmentally-friendly group model award.

In addition, Delta created the program “Delta MOOCx - Letting Good Teachers’ Influence Reach Everywhere” in response to digital teaching trends for positive interactive teaching to address education gaps, which won Delta the education promotion award.

Delta’s Founder and Honorary Chairman Bruce Cheng expressed that Delta was grateful for the judges’ continued recognition of Delta’s accomplishments. CSR and sustainability are in Delta's genes, and are a major priority in corporate operations and business development. Delta Electronics’ sustainable development goals coincide with today’s global focus on climate change. With power electronics as a core competency, the company continuously promotes energy conservation.

In 2016, Delta’s investments in manufacturing plant and office energy-saving solutions surpassed NTD150 million, with products saving a total of 3.5 billion kWh, green buildings saving 15.2 million kWh, and with 16 certified green manufacturing plants and donated campus buildings. At the same time, Delta has actively strengthened its green supply chain CSR management by assisting key suppliers in building a CSR management and audit system. Delta has also transferred its CSR experience to its major operations in regions to deploy energy conservation projects and inspire environmental volunteers to make a difference locally, build a sustainable society, and work at being responsible global corporate citizens.

In response to the challenges of climate change, the Delta Electronics Foundation has employed a wide variety of communication methods, such as organizing global green building exhibitions, publishing a book “Following Delta's Path: Constructing Green Buildings” and producing 12 micro-documentary movies to share the concepts and ideas behind the buildings. At the same time, Delta has made efforts to provide its advice on environmental policies.

The Delta Electronics Foundation’s “Delta MOOCx - Letting Good Teachers’ Influence Reach Everywhere” online-learning platform invites great teachers to help design the best courses possible for students. By cooperating with technical universities and high schools, course contents focus on technical skills and fundamental science. The automation and core science courses focus on using smart manufacturing and understanding Industry 4.0 and future industrial development.

The Global Views Corporate Social Responsibility Awards began in 2005, and 2017 brings the 13th award ceremony. The awards’ major prizes include the “CSR Annual Assessment” and “Outstanding Case” categories. The “CSR Annual Assessment” category is divided into electronics technology, delivery and manufacturing, finance, and service sectors. The “Outstanding Case” category examines exemplary businesses, and there are also environmentally-friendly, education promotion, and public interest categories.
Delta Electronics wins three major awards at the 2017 Global Views Monthly’s CSR Awards. (From left to right) Wim Chang, deputy director of Delta Electronics Foundation, Bruce Cheng, Delta founder and honorary chairman, Shan-shan Guo, executive director of Delta Electronics Foundation, and Jesse Chou, Delta spokesperson attended the award ceremony.
News Source: Delta Electronics, Inc.
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