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  Delta and Director Po-lin Chi Collaborate Again in the Creation of the Film “Beyond Beauty: Taiwan from Above II”, to Inspire a Larger Audience to Cherish Taiwan
Taipei, Taiwan, June 8, 2017 – Following the pioneering sponsorship in 2013 of the first Taiwanese aerial film “Beyond Beauty: Taiwan from Above” by the professional team of director Po-lin Chi, the Delta Electronics Foundation, which has long been focusing on climate and energy issues, continues to play the role of a modest inducer four years later. In addition to providing funds for the early shooting of “Beyond Beauty: Taiwan from Above II” and organizing follow-up welfare promotion activities, the Foundation is also calling on the public to support this environmental care and education-related film so that it can make it to the big screen.

Ms. Shan-shan Guo, executive director of the Delta Electronics Foundation, remarked, at the film’s kickoff shooting press conference, “Even before the first “Beyond Beauty: Taiwan from Above”, our Foundation had already collaborated with director Po-lin Chi several times by promoting environmental education through film sponsorships, physical exhibitions, public broadcasts, tours to rural areas, book publications and related initiatives. Moreover, during Delta’s participation in the 21st United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP21) in Paris at the end of 2015, in which we were invited to the German Pavilion to share our corporate experience on energy conservation, the overwhelming images of “Beyond Beauty: Taiwan from Above” not only portrayed the challenges we face on climate change, but also enchanted international guests with the unique natural beauty of Taiwan.”

Last year, upon hearing director Po-lin Chi was preparing to shoot “Beyond Beauty: Taiwan from Above II”, and that its filming scope would extend beyond Taiwan in an effort to expand international awereness, Delta’s founder, Mr. Bruce Cheng, agreed to offer assistance without a second thought. In addition to providing funds to support filming, the sponsorship also includes assistance in promotion of the film as well as Delta’s latest laser 4K ultra-high resolution energy-efficient projector so aerial shots by director Po-lin Chi can achieve awe-inspiring results.

Screened at the end of 2013, “Beyond Beauty: Taiwan from Above” not only grossed NTD 220 million at the box office in a milestone as one of the most popular documentaries in Taiwan's film history, but also won recognition from the 50th Golden Horse Awards for best documentary, while making an impact on environmental policies at the time. Four years later, Taiwan is still facing environmental challenges from all several dimensions, including air pollution, marine ecology, energy conservation and carbon reduction, the impact of climate change and other factors. The recent decision by the US President Trump to withdraw from the "Paris Agreement" entails that more environmental challenges will emerge in the foreseeable future. Delta Electronics Foundation looks forward to inspiring ever more citizens to rethink upon our environmental issues through the scenes of natural beauty and stunning visuals of “Beyond Beauty: Taiwan from Above II”, in hopes of joining the ranks of the fight against climate change.
Ms. Shan-shan Guo, executive director of the Delta Electronics Foundation (middle), director Po-lin Chi (right) and Ms. Grace Wan, chairman of Taiwan Aerial Imaging, attended the press conference.
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