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  Delta Electronics (Thailand) PCL. and the Department of Industrial Promotion Collaborate to Support Startups Under the Theme "SMARTER. GREENER. TOGETHER."
Bangkok, August 15, 2016 - Delta Electronics (Thailand) PCL. together with the Department of Industrial Promotion under the Ministry of industry collaborated in “Plan to Biz” program to support new startups believing in the same brand promise of products and services that are "Smarter. Greener. Together." The program provided a platform for the companies to find the right investors (Angel fund) for their businesses.

“Plan to Biz” project was established on February 2016. 134 teams had submitted their business concepts and plans. Of which 29 teams were selected to participate in the Business Camp to learn how to prepare and present professionally for investors. Delta and the ministry’s subject experts were present to share their knowledge. The business proposals were divided into four main groups: 1) Technology or innovation 2) Food and Beverage 3) Cosmetics 4) Social or environmental sectors, including energy.

On May 9, 2016, seven finalists were selected. “Joy of Love Farmers” team has researched and developed DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology to create affordable rice sorting system for small entrepreneurs. The “Career Bolt” team has created online recruitment platform to match workers to jobs. The “Daddee” team has developed Solar Farm Learning Center regarding solar energy education. The “Thaipipat Adhesive” team produces environmentally friendly industrial adhesives from cassava. The “Innova Fiber” team is developing Nano Calcium Carbonate for building materials industry which is also kinder to the environment. “Chiangmai Toolmaker Club” team is creating a social enterprise business with center for mechanical tool makers requiring software and electronics resources. And finally “Santabox” creates user friendly online marketing platform to assist SMEs in promoting their new products and services.

Delta will be supporting all the selected teams during the early stage of their business setup. Delta is also ready to provide our expertise during the teams’ development phase and wishes them all the best in their endeavors. As global manufacturing enters the industrial 4.0 phase, Delta hopes to contribute to Thailand’s effort during the transition into the new era.
(First from right) Mr. Anusorn Muttarald, Director of the Board and (Second from right) Mr. Dick Hsieh, President of Delta Electronics (Thailand) PCL.; (Second from left) Mrs. Atchaka Sibunruang, Minister of Industry Award taking a picture with the winning team
A group photo of the finalists with management team from Delta Electronics (Thailand) PCL. and the Department of Industrial Promotion under the Ministry of industry
News Source: Delta Electronics (Thailand) PCL.
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PK10牛牛 澳洲幸运8 极速3D彩票 上海时时乐开奖 欢乐生肖 欢乐生肖 优优彩票网 上海时时乐 澳洲幸运10开奖结果 山东11选5计划