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  【Delta21@COP21】Delta Invited by German Pavilion to Co-organize UN Side Event Focusing on Energy Efficiency Improvement
Paris – December 10, 2015 – Delta Group was invited by the German Pavilion of the UN Conference on Climate Change (COP21) to co-organize an official side event with the UBA (Umweltbundesamt, German Federal Environment Agency), the international environmental NGO Climate Alliance, and Leeds University of the UK to highlight the importance of energy efficiency on reducing carbon emissions. The side event, one of the most relevant today at COP21, includes parties such as governments, research institutions and enterprises to discuss the energy efficiency at a city level. Delta, as the only representative from the business sector, had its CEO Mr. Ping Cheng and its Chief Brand Officer and Executive Director of the Delta Electronics Foundation, Ms. Shan-Shan Guo, providing keynote speeches on how Delta develops technology capable of delivering significant energy savings and how it enhances public awareness of energy savings through various initiatives. Maria Krautzberger, President of the UBA, highlighted during the event that in addition to technology, changing people’s behavior is also key to limit rising global temperatures within 2℃.

Delta’s CEO Mr. Cheng said: “Delta’s corporate mission is ‘To provide innovative, clean and efficient-energy solutions for a better tomorrow.’ Delta provides innovative, highly efficient, and easily scalable solutions for emerging countries to support both rapid economic growth and reduced environmental impact. For developed countries, Delta provides solutions with leading energy efficiency and works with partners and customers to build smart and green lifestyles together.”

Delta’s Chief Brand Officer and Executive Director of the Delta Electronics Foundation, Ms. Shan-Shan Guo, pointed out: “By displaying the highlights of the documentary film ‘Beyond Beauty: Taiwan from Above’ that Delta sponsored two years ago, we can show the international community beautiful aerial photography of Taiwan and deliver the message that we must live in harmony with our planet. Delta has promoted energy conservation and has linked up with the international community for years. We interpret IPCC research reports and increase the awareness of environmental issues for the public in Taiwan. This year, Delta shares its experience in realizing 21 green buildings over the past decade with the international community at the COP21 in Paris. The aim is to call for higher awareness of the potential energy savings offered by green buildings as well as to assist the public in developing positive habits of energy consumption.”

The opinion leaders in the meeting are all interested in the private sector’s role against climate change. “Delta has industry-leading energy efficiency, and its business development is aligned with the global trend of lower carbon emissions. Delta also cultivates energy conservation education in order to raise public awareness on climate issues. More importantly, Delta uses its technology to enable higher energy-saving standards capable of providing a positive contribution to climate policies, thus, realizing its corporate social responsibility,” said Ms. Shan-Shan Guo.

How companies can utilize a broad range of energy-saving technologies in developed and emerging countries is a topic that was actively discussed during this side event. Delta’s social participation and product technologies are closely linked to energy savings. The company continuously responds to the changing world through innovation. Delta’s founder, Mr. Bruce Cheng, established the company in the 1970s when a global oil crisis made him realize the importance of energy conservation. He invested in the development of switching power supplies to dramatically improve the energy efficiency of power systems. Facing the current crisis of climate change, Delta integrates software and hardware technology to provide energy-saving solutions for both newly emerging countries and developed countries. These include, for example, the introduction of SCARA robot arms to speed up industrial automation in countries that focus on manufacturing; the establishment of 388 quick electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in Norway for low-carbon transport; the provision of 10,000 sets of high-precision solar tracking systems for a US solar concentrated power plant that produces 500 million kWh of clean energy; and the application of ground source heat pump and building automation technology to Delta America’s net-zero energy headquarters building in California, USA.

The Delta Electronics Foundation actively cooperates with academia to provide guidance for energy conservation standards including the world’s third “building carbon footprint” assessment system, industrial standards for energy-saving products such as LED lighting, and green factory certificate systems. Additionally, through interactive projection technology and art and cultural exhibition design, Delta communicates with the public on environmental issues through exhibitions such as the “Run for Water, Water for Run” Environmental Education Exhibition last year and “Delta 21 Green Buildings at COP21 Exhibition” this year in Paris.

The official side event co-organized by the Delta Electronics Foundation, the international environmental group Climate Alliance, Leeds University in the UK, and the UBA (Umweltbundesamt) was entitled “Energy Efficiency - the Local Authorities Visions for 2030.” After six-months of organization, the relevant scholars and civil groups attending the meeting recognized the efforts of Delta in actively improving energy efficiency. They also called for cooperation between governments, research institutions, enterprises, and civil groups to address the challenges of climate change.

Welcome to visit our official website for updated news on Delta’s participation at COP21:
Delta CEO Ping Cheng delivered a keynote speech on how Delta develops technology capable of delivering significant energy savings and how it enhances public awareness of energy savings through various initiatives.
Delta CBO and Executive Director of the DEF, Ms. Shan-Shan Guo tells how Delta uses technology to enable higher energy-saving standards that contribute positively to climate policies and how it fulfills Delta's corporate social responsibility.
News Source: Delta Group
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