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  Delta Electronics Unveils Smart Manufacturing to Connect the Entire Factory at Taipei Int’l Industrial Automation Exhibition 2017
TAIPEI, Taiwan, September 6th, 2017 – Delta Electronics unveiled its strategy for comprehensive smart manufacturing today at the Taipei Int’l Industrial Automation Exhibition 2017. Using its multifaceted electronics manufacturing experience as the basis for developing smart production, smart logistics and other innovations, Delta has accumulated long-term technological expertise in the total integration of industrial automation hardware and software. Starting from smart production lines and smart machines at all levels inside the factory, Delta has gradually developed smart manufacturing with smart production, smart logistics, and other applications to satisfy the demands of the electronics manufacturing industry for faster, more flexible, small-volume large-variety production, and mixed-model production. Delta offers clients a broad variety of products and solutions for smart manufacturing to support their smart industrial transformation.

At the exhibition, Delta’s “High Flexibility Multi-tasking Smart Production Line” demonstrates the flexible mixed-model production concept and showcases multiple solutions for smart manufacturing. The line uses three robot workstations connected with a manufacturing execution system (MES), a Production Management & Visualization Platform (DIAMMP), and peripheral equipment, to produce exclusive, custom-made gifts for exhibition visitors. To take orders Delta scans visitor QR codes with its latest handheld barcode scanner DAH Series, and the completed customized gifts are automatically produced and delivered by robots to a pickup area.

Ping Cheng, CEO of Delta Electronics, said that to respond to fast-changing market demands, smart manufacturing has become an inevitable trend as well as a new business opportunity. As a leading manufacturer of electronic components and parts, Delta actively applies its own products and the expertise gained at its factories to integrate IoT, big data analytics, and cloud-based technology platforms. Through the integration of software with automation equipment, Delta has developed smart machines, smart production, and smart logistics that enable quick changeover for flexible smart manufacturing. For the future, Delta intends to build complete automation systems and smart production lines for its clients.

Andy Liu, general manager of the industrial automation business group at Delta Electronics, said that Delta offers complete solutions with automation products, software, and systems that focus on the demands of the manufacturing industry. Delta’s solutions cover nearly everything required, from smart robot workstations, sensors, internet of machines, and on-site equipment for data transmission, to manufacturing execution systems (MES), visualization, data analytics management, quality diagnosis, energy monitoring and analysis. Delta integrates software and hardware for smart manufacturing, building digital multi-tasking smart production lines to replace traditional production lines that rely on manpower for changeover. Delta’s aim is to help industrial clients move on to smart manufacturing.

Delta’s smart manufacturing is built mainly on a manufacturing execution system (MES) that extends development productivity, provides a monitoring and management platform for quality and equipment maintenance, and connects with the cloud and other related software or hardware. Its capacity, quality, and efficiency for changeover improve when connected to smart logistics. Besides integrating the complete manufacturing process, from ordering, material requests, material delivery, production, direct-to-stock, to shipment and pickup, it also raises efficiency significantly, for example:
- A Delta production factory for networking products introduced a smart logistics system to improve the operational efficiency of its sales, production management, procurement, and storage and transportation, decreasing the demand for manpower by 25%;
- A customized production line for Delta’s industrial automation products applied small-volume large-variety production, shortening the changeover time by up to 83%;
- A smart manufacturing model line for Delta’s power supplies is connected with 6 workstations made of 30 SCARA industrial robots, which reduces the demand for direct manpower by up to 60%;
- A Delta production line for passive components uses SCARA robots for unmanned production to achieve a daily capacity of up to 24,000 cases while decreasing direct manpower by 90%.

Responding to the quality management demands of smart manufacturing, Delta also introduced its self-developed Smart Quality Diagnosis Solution by applying big data analytics, machine learning, deep learning, and other related technologies to help manufacturing industry clients improve their defect-free rates, and manpower and equipment efficiency. Delta also presented Intelligent Data Diagnosis and Intelligent AOI technologies from its factories to showcase its capabilities and excellent results in increasing manpower efficiency, improving quality, and increasing customer satisfaction, such as saving on labor by up to 90%.

Please join Delta to experience our smart, green manufacturing at the Taipei Int’l Industrial Automation Exhibition 2017 at Booth M832 on the 4th floor of TWTC Nangang Exhibition Hall from September 6th to 9th, 2017 in Taipei, Taiwan. You will see how Delta’s strength in smart manufacturing offers the best support for upgrading Taiwan's manufacturing industry.
Delta unveiled its strategy for comprehensive smart manufacturing at the Taipei Int’l Industrial Automation Exhibition 2017. (Left to right) Delta spokesperson Mr. Jesse Chou, chief brand officer Ms. Shan-shan Guo, CEO Mr. Ping Cheng and IABG general manager Mr. Andy Liu attended the press conference.
At the exhibition, Delta’s “High Flexibility Multi-tasking Smart Production Line” demonstrates the flexible mixed-model production concept and showcases multiple solutions for smart manufacturing.
News Source: Delta Electronics, Inc。
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