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  Delta Showcases Advanced Smart Applications for Industrial and Building Automation at Techno-Frontier 2017 in Japan
Taipei, Taiwan, April 19, 2017 – At the forefront of industrial trends for smart factories and energy-efficient buildings, Delta today presented a variety of automation solutions and energy-saving products with high openness and high flexibility at the Techno-Frontier show in Japan. In the spotlight at Delta’s booth are the new Delta high-level PC-based EtherCAT multi-axis motion control solution, which features the capability to simultaneously control up to 64 axes and 100 points, and the Delta Building Management and Control System, which supports a number of standardized communication protocols. Delta also unveiled its SCARA industrial robots for the first time in Japan, demonstrating a dynamic workstation that simulates the insertion operations of an electronics industry PCB board production line to present Delta’s technology strengths in automation and smart manufacturing.

Mr. C.H. Ko, executive director of Delta Electronics (Japan) said that based on its core technology in power electronics, Delta actively develops automation and energy infrastructure products and solutions that are widely adopted around the world. Delta’s first proprietary solar plant, Delta Ako Energy Park, which began operations last year, is generating up to 5,500,000kWh of electricity annually, exceeding original estimates by more than 10%. Delta's SCARA industrial robots and full range of industrial automation products have also been integrated into manufacturing plants in Taiwan, China, Southeast Asia and other areas to implement smart, automated production lines for a range of industries.

Featuring high openness, high flexibility, and a high degree of customization, Delta’s new PC-based EtherCAT multi-axis motion control solution integrates EtherCAT open network communication. With the use of Delta’s high-end PC-based industrial controller, the solution can connect up to 100 points within 1 millisecond to achieve up to 64 axes of synchronous motion control. With its high scalability for multi-axis simultaneous motion and powerful industrial monitoring functions, Delta provides the best motion control solutions for a variety of applications—from consumer electronics assembly for mobile phones, lenses, and more; to semiconductor processing for AOI detection, wafer cutting, and others; to stage, lighting and curtain automation equipment.

For building automation, Delta is presenting its fully integrated, high-performance, high-reliability products and solutions developed over the company’s many years of industry experience. Delta will also spotlight the Building Management and Control System (BMCS) developed by its subsidiary company, LOYTEC. Delta’s BMCS offers an assortment of leading design architectures for building automation, room automation and building infrastructure to meet clients' demands. It provides tailor-made software and hardware with detailed planning and design to help global clients manage their intelligent buildings with greater energy efficiency.

Highlights of Delta’s exhibition at Techno-Frontier 2017 include:

• A full line-up of Industrial Automation Products including the DOP Series HMI, M300 Series compact drives, and other recently launched AC motor drives, servo drives, PLCs, and more. The M300 Series compact drives have been reduced in size by up to 40% for easier use and installation. Delta's CFP2000 series is an AC motor drive specially designed for HVAC, fans & pumps, and water treatment applications. It is designed with an IP55 enclosure to provide effective protection from dust and other particles and to offer a good level of protection from water.

SCARA Industrial Robot Insertion Workstation is a dynamic display of PCB production line insertion for the electronics industry. The Delta Robot Controller DCS Series enhances overall control performance as the workstation integrates on-the-fly functions with Delta Machine Vision for fast, accurate, stable, and repetitive pickup and plug-in action. The workstation displays Delta’s advantages in accurate quality control, process flexibility, product diversification, and customization.

Battery Energy Storage Solutions (BESS) include a residential application with a battery capacity of 5kWh and an inverter output capacity of 5.5kVA. The system is capable of supplying power to the average TV, air conditioner, and refrigerator for about 4 hours during emergencies. Delta’s latest developments in lithium ion cells, standardized battery modules DBC36HV / DBC41HV, and complete battery banks enhance advanced energy management for a wide range of applications.

Delta is also exhibiting its EC fans, PV inverters, high-efficiency rectifiers for mobile base station applications, data collection systems for smart meters using G3-PLC and/or Wi-SUN, and more. Visitors are welcome to come and see Delta’s innovative solutions at Booth 6Q-45 between April 19th and 21st, 2017, at Makuhari Messe, Japan.
Mr. Jeff Chang, DEK’s General Manager (2nd from the left), Ms. Shan-Shan Guo (3rd from the left), Delta's Chief Brand Officer, and Mr. Jesse Chou, Delta’s Spokesperson (1st from the right) introduced Delta’s solutions at the Techno-Frontier show.
Delta today presented a variety of automation solutions and energy-saving products with high openness and high flexibility at the Techno-Frontier show in Japan.
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