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  Innergie, a brand of Delta, Showcases Complete Consumer Power Solutions at CES 2017
  Unveiling newest Innergie PocketCell USB-C 6000 dual USB-C power bank  
Las Vegas – Jan. 6, 2017 – Innergie, a brand of Delta and a leading provider of consumer power products and solutions, unveiled its complete consumer power solutions at the 2017 International CES, including the newest PocketCell USB-C 6000 power bank with other USB-C applications such as PowerGear USB-C 45 laptop adapter and USB-C accessories to expand its power product line. These power products, in addition to many others from the company, will be on display at the annual event from January 5-8, 2017, in the LVCC, South Hall 1, booth number 20936.

The complete USB-C series product line is designed with Power Delivery technology and smart detection to save time charging and recharging any USB-C products. The Innergie USB-C power solution allows you to enjoy the most compact and rapid charging experience when connecting devices.

Innergie's PocketCell USB-C 6000 dual USB-C power bank has a compact design providing 6000mAh and built-in true USB-C input and output for true 3A charging performance. It is ready to use with virtually any USB-C/USB devices including the latest MacBooks. The PocketCell USB-C 6000 can extend the battery life of a 12-inch MacBook with USB-C port by 30%. It is equipped with a smart IC chip that detects all brands and types of USB devices for fast charging.

Innergie will also be promoting the PowerGear USB-C 45 at CES, which is a flexible, forward-looking laptop adapter for Apple's MacBook as well as other companies' models with a USB-C reversible-plug connector. The adapter's USB-C flexibility makes compatibility with thinner, more versatile mobile devices possible.

Product Features of the PocketCell USB-C 6000 Power Bank:
● True USB-C input and output to support fast charging and recharging via 5V/3A capability.
● Equipped with a 3A input USB-C port, it provides industry-leading recharging times—just 1.8 hours to fully charge, which is almost 2.5 times faster than competing products.
● The exclusive rapid charging solution charges Apple MacBooks and most other USB-C devices, and can even extend MacBook battery life by 30%.
● The smart detection IC can recognize and adjust optimized power flow to any devices. The new power management IC nearly doubles its lifetime charging capacity.
● Dual output ports with smart USB-A and USB-C can charge any mobile device with a USB or USB-C port for ultra-fast power with a total of 4A outputs.
● The 93.26mm x 42.5mm compact design fits anywhere.
● The exclusive and powerful InnerShield™ protection technology offers a level of security no other device can match.
Innergie unveils the newest PocketCell USB-C 6000 dual USB-C power bank at CES 2017.
PocketCell USB-C 6000 dual USB-C power bank is ready to use with any USB-C/USB devices including the latest MacBooks and other portable devices.
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