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Dividend Information
Announcement of the Company's cash dividends to shareholders payout ratio from 2017 earnings
The Company's ex-dividend record date is 2018/7/8. Per one thousand shares based on the share registry on that day will receive NT$5,000 cash dividend or NT$5 per share. The dividend will be paid on 2018/7/27.

The Annual General Shareholders' Meeting approved that, if the number of outstanding shares changes before the ex-dividend record day, causing a subsequent change in actual per-share dividend, the Board of Directors is authorized to make adjustment based on actual outstanding shares. The actual per-share dividend will be announced separately.
Other matters:
(1) Ex-dividend trading date: 2018/7/2
(2) Last date before book closure: 2018/7/3
(3) Book closure starting and ending date: 2018/7/4~2018/7/8
(4) Dividend Information
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